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Product name: Fixed seat remote control operating system
Product number: ST-R1
The category: Remote control system
Update time:2017-07-27 08:58:34
Detailed description

Full-function Fixed-seat Remote Control Operating System

The new Andy fixed-seat remote control operating system is suitable for camera remote control, and for camera location which is unsuitable for people to appear. It includes electronic remote head, remote head controller, Pan & Tilt motors, Focus & Iris lens Servos, T bracket and control cable.


1. Single-arm dual-axis motorized head, provides up to 900 degrees of rotation vertically and horizontally. 
2. Remote head controller supports camera pan & tilt movement and focus & zoom & iris, infinitely variable speed control of pan & tilt, focus & zoom & iris and ramp control.
Supports camera REC start / stop, controller adopts AC and DC dual power supply, adaptable for AC 110/220V.  
DC power uses camera battery (V or G mount), which is more convenient for use, full electronic power supply, stable and reliable.
3. Standard for Canon lens (8 pin), Canon lens (20 pins) and Fuji lens ( 12 pin) adapters for optional.

Main Technical Data:

Payload: 30 KG /15 KG (ANDY-HR1A / ANDY-HR1)
Suitable for tripods: flat or 100mm/150mm bowls, can be hanged upside down,
Remote control distance: standard cable 10 meters, max can extend to 100meters.
Horizontal rotation: 360 degrees, max 900 degrees.
Vertical rotation: ±90°
Rotation speed: 0.01°/S --- 30°/S
Control lens: Standard Canon 8 pin camera lens,
Optional: Fuji lens adapter / Canon full servo lens adapter.
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