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Detailed description

ST-R1 Telescopic Tower, Telescopic Crane, Remote Control Telescopic Crane, Remote Control Telescopic Tower


ST-R1 Telescopic Tower is our own research and develope product. It´s an auto track camera system that combine the function of moving, lifting, remote control.

ST-R1 car is made with high-strength alloy material once finished molding, sleek and nice appearance. The car body use a three orientation track moving method. The motion control system adopt two sets DC motor synchronous driving servor technic. It´s with stable and smooth movement, and accurate direction controllment. ST-R1 lifting column use the telescopic version tri-level sync lifting design, large lifting travel. The eight positioned design makes the column lifting stable and smooth without noise. ST-R1 remote head structure use a L-type open design with big payload, can fit the installment and application for all types of normal cameras and broadcasting cameras. Mealwhile can control the pan&tilt moving, focus&zoom&irs, VCR and etc. ST-R1 is mainly apply to studio program production, live broadcasting for variety and culture show.  Only one person can easily control the car and camera´s lifting, moving, pan&tilt, focus&zoom. It have the camera data ouput function that can use for virtual studio. ST-R1 is the best choice for your film production.


Technical Parameters: 

 Track Gauge 530mm
Track Length 1500mm/unit
Car Payload ≥200kgs
Minimum Seat 1260mm
Maximum Seat 2100mm
Lift Speed 0~0.2m/s
Moving Speed 0~2m/s
Power AC 220V/50Hz
Head Payload ≥30kgs
Head Tilt ±360°
Head Pan ±90°
Package Size 166x104x76(crane), 164x73x35(truck)

One client was testing ST-R1 Telescopic Tower on our booth of IBC 2017

 ST-R1 Telescopic Tower on shooting


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