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Detailed description

3D Virtual Studio

AVIGATOR PRO SD SDI  virtual   studio:

With the most powerful rendering of the world, AVIGATOR also provides top video picture quality and strong functional mode. In order to meet with different requirement for customers, AVIGATOR can be collocated differently depending on the amount of cameras, channel amount of composite output, generating amount for camera tracking data, format for video signal and quantity of video server fit for systems rendering. The most perfect collocation allows AVIGATOR with best quality-price rate. Besides, it has passed the 3D virtual studio inspection of THE STATE ADMINISTRATION OF RADIO FILM AND TELEVISION.


By developing and researching continuously for nearly ten years, AVIGATOR 3D virtual studio system tends to be matual and perfect. Furthermore, by cooperating with AMERICAN HOTRONIC INC. to go throught the project of virtual studio in 2006, AVIGATOR reaches to the top level of the world by applying for up-to-date technology, SMARTMATTE Keys (specially developed for AVIGATOR) and delay machine etc. It has been widely used in the areas of news, interview, PE, entertainment program, program for children, weather forecast, film, medium teaching, negotiable securities broadcasting, etc.

Avigator function characters:


Instantaneous self-adaptable initialization orientation

Unique high precision tracked technology

3-D Rendering Thchnology

Any position playing for virtual big screen

Managing mode of databse

Dynamic limitless blue box

Any objects transparent

Unique weather mode

unique combination of appointed shelter and automatic depth shelter

Any object of the full scene be edited and played freely based on time-line

Uinque real 3-D&2.5-D virtual scene compatible style

Excellent products serial and isolated mode configuration


Main specification of digital studio mixer--AVIGATOR PRO SD SDI

1.      support camera SD SDI, YUV input, then floating video from outer-connecting, virtual studio SD SDI, YUV output;

2.      camera video input:

format: SD: 525/60 or 625/50

Y1 VP-P(75Ω terminate, with synchronization);

UV0.7 VP-P(75Ω terminate)

standardSD SDI: 270MGbps,SMPTE 259M


Inner video process4:2:2:4 component,10-bit

3.      video for out-connecting, virtual studio video output:

FormatSD: 525/60625/50

Y1 VP-P(75Ω terminate,with synchronization);

UV0.7 VP-P(75Ω terminate)

standardSD SDI: 270MGbps,SMPTE 259M


Inner video process4:2:2:4 component,10-bit

4.      synchronization benchmark:

simulate black matte: bi-level or tri-level

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About us:


ST Video-film Technology Co., Ltd-Top Ten Chinese National Radio&Television Brand and Enterprise in Broadcasting industry,also the developting producer on Virtual Studio Set in China, is the rmanufacturer and dealer of more kinds of World-Famous professional Broadcasting Equipments. System intergration like 3D Virtual Studio Set, OB Vans,Television Studio, Equipment such as camera crane, teleprompter, rotorcraft, led wall, track&tripod&dolly,etc.


 Certifications: FCC,CE , RoHS approved.

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6703, 67/F, SEG Plaza, Huaqiang North Subdistrict, Futian Dist., Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

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