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Detailed description

Andy Jib 30kg max payload professional camera jib

Product Description

Features of  Andy JIB

1. Use triangular aluminum tubing for sperior strength&rigidity,easy to install and transport.

2. Each model can be upgraded to a shorter or longer length model.

3. Be able to match with Z axis 120 degrees and 360 degrees electronotion  swinging head.

4. Head can be overslung or underslung.

5. Work with any film & video cameras.

Lite Andy-jib  Model 3-wheel system

height reach payload
Andy-jib Lite300 3m 3.9m 1.8m 20KG
Andy-jib Lite500 5m 5.7m 3.6m 20KG
Andy-jib Lite800 8m 7.6m 5.4m 15KG

Camera crane 3-wheel system
Model wheel system Total lenght Height Reach Payload
Andy-Jib 303 3-wheel system 3m 3.9m 1.8m 30kg
Andy-Jib 304 3-wheel system 4m 4.5m 2.6m 30kg
Andy-Jib 305 3-wheel system 5m 5.7m 3.6m 30kg
Andy-Jib 306 3-wheel system 6m 6.5m 4.5m 30kg
Andy-Jib 308 3-wheel system 8m 7.6m 5.4m 25kg
Andy-Jib 310 3-wheel system 10m 9.1m 7.3m 25kg
Andy-Jib 312 3-wheel system 12m 10.6m 9.1m 25kg
Camera crane 4-wheel system
Model wheel system Total lenght Height Reach Payload
Andy-Jib 410 4-wheel system 10m 9.1m 7.3m 25kg
Andy-Jib 412 4-wheel system 12m 10.6m 9.1m 25kg
Andy-Jib 415 4-wheel system 15m 14.1m 12.2m 15kg
Andy-Jib 417 4-wheel system 17m 16.3m 14.1m 15kg

Standard Configurations:

Elec-control box ( Remote Head, Pan&Tilt motor, Focus Motor, Iris Motor, Battery Pack with Transformer, Control  Box&Battery Box, Zoom&Focus Handle, Follow Focus Controller, Cables, Canon Video Lens Operation Kit )


andy jib configuration

Application environment:

Professional film&video shooting, program production, outdoor shooting, active,large scael active shooting, vocal concert shooting.

Andy jib camera crane application photoes.

ANDY-JIB02Andy-jib shooting in the studioAndy-jib 9andy-jib

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About us:

ST Video-film Technology Co., Ltd-Top Ten Chinese National Radio&Television Brand and Enterprise in Broadcasting industry,also the developting producer on Virtual Studio Set in China, is the manufacturer and dealer of more kinds of World-Famous professional Broadcasting Equipments. System intergration like 3D Virtual Studio Set, OB Vans,Television Studio, Equipment such as camera crane, teleprompter, rotorcraft, led wall, track&tripod&dolly,etc.

Certifications: CE & RoHS approved.

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