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Detailed description

Andy jib lite, portable jib crane,Chinese manufacturer wholesale TV Studio shooting professional jib Crane.  

Product Description

Features of  Andy JIB

1. use triangular aluminum tubing for sperior strength&rigidity,easy to install and transport.

2.Each model can be upgraded to a shorter or longer length model.

3.Be able to match with Z axis 120 degrees and 360 degrees electronotion  swinging head.

4.Head can be overslung or underslung.

5.Work with any film & video cameras.


Andy-jib lite  Model 3-wheel system

total length               height reach payload
Andy-jib Lite300                           3m        3.9m   1.8m 20KG
Andy-jib Lite500 5m 5.7m 3.6m 20KG
Andy-jib Lite800 8m 7.6m 5.4m 15KG

Camera crane 3-wheel system
Model wheel system Total lenght Height Reach Payload
Andy-Jib 303 3-wheel system 3m 3.9m 1.8m 30kg
Andy-Jib 304 3-wheel system 4m 4.5m 2.6m 30kg
Andy-Jib 305 3-wheel system 5m 5.7m 3.6m 30kg
Andy-Jib 306 3-wheel system 6m 6.5m 4.5m 30kg
Andy-Jib 308 3-wheel system 8m 7.6m 5.4m 25kg
Andy-Jib 310 3-wheel system 10m 9.1m 7.3m 25kg
Andy-Jib 312 3-wheel system 12m 10.6m 9.1m 25kg
Camera crane 4-wheel system
Model wheel system Total lenght Height Reach Payload
Andy-Jib 410 4-wheel system 10m 9.1m 7.3m 25kg
Andy-Jib 412 4-wheel system 12m 10.6m 9.1m 25kg
Andy-Jib 415 4-wheel system 15m 14.1m 12.2m 15kg
Andy-Jib 417 4-wheel system 17m 16.3m 14.1m 15kg

Standard Configurations:

Elec-control box ( Remote Head, Pan&Tilt motor, Focus Motor, Iris Motor, Battery Pack with Transformer, Control  Box&Battery Box, Zoom&Focus Handle, Follow Focus Controller, Cables, Canon Video Lens Operation Kit )


andy jib configuration

Remote Head of Andy Jib Lite
Control Box Cable of Andy Jib Lite
Main Tube of Andy Jib Lite
Front Tube of Andy Jib Lite
Dolly of Andy Jib Lite
Rear Tube of Andy Jib Lite


Application environment:

Professional film&video shooting, program production, outdoor shooting, active,large scael active shooting, vocal concert shooting.

Andy jib camera crane application photoes.

ANDY-JIB02Andy-jib shooting in the studioandy-jib

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About us:

ST Video-film Technology Co., Ltd-Top Ten Chinese National Radio&Television Brand and Enterprise in Broadcasting industry,also the developting producer on Virtual Studio Set in China, is the manufacturer and dealer of more kinds of World-Famous professional Broadcasting Equipments. System intergration like 3D Virtual Studio Set, OB Vans,Television Studio, Equipment such as camera crane, teleprompter, rotorcraft, led wall, track&tripod&dolly,etc.

Certifications: CE & RoHS approved.

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