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Product name: portable jib
Product number: SPJ100/150
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Update time:2016
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Losmandy portable camera crane, professional camcorder shooting jib crane

Losmandy Kit

Losmandy Porta shooting jib crane

Losmandy portable camera crane is designed to carry up to 100 lbs. (45kg) of camera and fluid head weight, this is the most versatile of all lightweight jibs. Assembles in less than 5 minutes. No tools required. All parts are machined aluminum and stainless steel. Boom and pan lock included. Front inserts available for all standard fluid heads: 100mm, 150mm, Mitchell. Base plate available for standard 150mm and Mitchell tripods, or it can be equipped with our LWTi interface plate that allows it to drop into our Light Weight Tripod.

losmandy application


1.Its unique telescopic design allows it to work in constricted areasand also unfold to create a dramatic 6 foot lift. uses the 100mm style tripod and head you already own. is manufactured to the highest quality standards: all parts are anodized black machined aluminum or stainless steel.
4.All moving parts are controlled by sealed precision ball bearings. Bubble levels are located on the center column and camera plate for easy levelling.
5.With a weight ratio of less than one-to-one, and the sliding counterweight shaft for fine tuning, the arm can be balanced in a matter of seconds, with a limited number of counterweights.
6.Since no chains, belts or cables are used, the Losmandy Porta-Jib Traveller requires little maintenance.



Name Losmandy camera crane
Camera crane payload 45kg
camera jib crane Usage film,MTV and all kinds of advertising media shooting
camera jib Total length 245cm
jib crane reach length 145cm
Shooting camera jib height 183cm
Brand Losmandy
bowl 100mm and 150mm optional
Material Aluminium
Retail or Wholesale Both welcome
Losmandy Porta-Jib is with most functions and best quality among the porta jib system. It´s payload is up to 45kgs,suitable for film,MTV and all kinds of advertising media shooting. Quick installation within 5 minutes. All components are made by aluminium alloy or stainless steel. Camera interface can choose or Mitchell,support interface can choose different standard 150mm and Mitchell tripod.

Losmandy Slider Kit + Slider Wheel Dolly + Rail Track System´

Portable Losmandy camera crane application pictures

Losmandy porta jib application

Detail pictures:

Camera Crane Track Dolly optional.

Losmandy 4-leg-spider-smlosmandy track dolly

Portable track dolly wheel

losmandy wheel

Losmandy Porta camera jib Expo pictures.

Losmandy Kit

Camera crane dolly part

losmandy dolly

Camera crane jib part.

Losmandy expo

Packaging & Shipping

Hard crush resistance case

Packing case

Portable cameral crane case inner,easy to take and install within 5min without any other tools.


Losmandy picture

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