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Product name: Wireless Intercom System
Product number: STW-BS1000
The category: Wireless transmission system
Update time:2019-09-19 02:51:09
Detailed description

Wireless Intercom System

item number: STW-BS1000

application: Widely used in large-scale performances (TV studio, Theater stage, Campus TV Station, EFP System of Cultural Media Enterprises, OB VAN broadcast, Sport game, Concert




1. Accessible to increase the number of extensions, add and use easily.

2. 1.4 inches LCD display, real-time display and set machine working status

3. The transmission distance of the open area is more than 2000 meters, and it can transmit through 6 to 8 building floors. Ensure the on-site communication is clear and unblocked.

4. With echo cancellation function, it will not interfere with call quality due to echo noise.

5. One-to-one, one-to-multi, multi-to-multi two-way synchronous call system

6. It can work with off-network. When the master is not open, the extension can work with the communication function and ensure the reliability of the site.

7. With grouping function, up to 8 groups can be arbitrarily organized into departments according to department, improve command and communication efficiency, and the extension can choose the group in which they are located.

8. Microphone can be turned on/off at any time, the return volume can be adjusted at ten levels

9. Eight-way full-duplex wireless digital circuit, can be modified and encrypted, strong anti-interference, ready to use at any time, no need for frequency

10. Sensitivity -107dbm

11. Transmission rate 100Kbps

12. Encryption 32-bit communication password

13. Built-in integrated battery for 8-10 hours of continuous talk

14. Digital speech coding 8K sampling rate 16bits accuracy

15. Frequency range 400~470Mhz, low power, low radiation, energy saving.

16. Support three modes of gooseneck, headphone and wired input (can be used in connection with other limited products).

17. Suppress background noise, adjust microphone sensitivity, and use in noisy environments.

18. Sound can be saw, the green TX indicator is always on when the master and extension are transmitting. The RX yellow indicator light is always on when receiving.

19. With extension isolation function, effectively improve the efficiency of guidance and command management

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