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Detailed description
 Andy Jib PRO

Size  Full Length Reach  Height Max Payload
Andy-jib 303 3m (9.8ft) 1.8m (6ft) 3.9m (12.8ft) 30kg
Andy-jib 305 5m (16.5ft) 3.6m (16.5ft) 5.7m (18.7ft) 30kg
Andy-jib 308 8m (26ft) 5.4m (17.7ft) 7.6m (25ft) 30kg
Andy-jib 310 10m (33ft) 7.3m (24ft) 9.1m (30ft) 30kg
Andy-jib 312 12m (39ft) 9.1m (30ft) 10.6m (35ft) 25kg
Andy-jib 410 10m (33ft) 7.3m (24ft) 9.1m (30ft) 30kg
Andy-jib 412 12m (39ft) 9.1m (30ft) 10.6m (35ft) 25kg
Andy-jib 415 15m (49ft) 12.2m (40ft) 14.1m (46ft) 15kg
Andy-jib 417 17m (56ft) 14.1m (46ft) 16.3m (54ft) 15kg
Andy-jib Lite 800 8m (26ft) 5.4m (17.7ft) 7.6m (25ft) 15kg

Highlights of ANDY JIB PRO

Quick SET-UP!

* Arm Structure: Triangle for inside, Hexagon for outside
* Arm Material: Lightweight alloy of aluminium & titanium
* Super Easy: One screw to install 2 arms
* Special Design: With windproof holes
* Anti-Vibration, Anti-Falling Off, Anti-Corrosion






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