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Product name: ST-2000B Motorized Camera Dolly
Product number: ST-2000B
The category: Motorized Camera Dolly
Update time:2018-05-24 11:35:49
Detailed description

ST-2000B  Motorized Camera Dolly for film, movie and TV shooting

Function & Features:

ST-2000B Motorized Camera Dolly is our own researched and developed product.
It´s an auto track camera system that combines the function of moving & remote control.

ST-2000B Motorized Camera Dolly   is made of  high-strength alloy material.

The motion control system adopts dual DC motor synchronous driving servor technic.
It has stable and smooth movement, and accurate direction controll.

ST-2000B remote head structure uses a L-type open design with big payload, which is suitable for installation and application for all types of normal cameras and broadcasting cameras. Mealwhile it can control Pan & Tilt, Focus & Zoom & Iris, VCR and etc.

ST-2000B is mainly suitable for studio program production, live broadcasting for entertainment, talk show & culture show etc. One person can easily control the dolly and camera´s moving:  Pan&Tilt and Focus & Zoom.


Technical Parameters:

Track Gauge 500mm
Track Length 1200m/unit
Car Payload 200kgs
Lowest Seat 400mm
Highest Seat 700mm
Moving Speed 0~3m/s
Power  ≥400W Dual Driving Motor, AC 220V/50Hz
Head Payload 30kgs
Head Pan ±360°
Head Tilt ±90°

1. Dual DC motor synchronous driving

2. Big Payload: 220KGS for Dolly Car, 30KGS for Remote Head
3. Easy controlled speed (0-3m/s)
4. Easy control for Dolly & Camera
5. Very stable & smooth moving
6. Super good quality track
7. Automatic sensor at end of track (Dolly car will stop safely by end of track)
8. Smart control panel (speed, zoom, focus, iris, Pan&Tilt)
9. Pedal Controller: optional
10. Increase Column: optional

Configuration list:
1.  Electric Track Car
2.  Electric Remote Head
3.  Control Panel 
4.  15 meters Cable. (support 100meter, with extra charge)
5.  Track: 12meter (1.2m/track)
6.  Pedal Controller: optional

7.  Increase Column: optional








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