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Andy-jib shown in 2014 Ryder Cup Golf
2016-01-15 16:32:42

Andy-jib shown in 2014 Ryder Cup Golf

Camera crane equipments are usually adopted in need of broad scene lens in large size sports games.Camera cranes have the unique advantage of raising up to over 10 meters to finish the task of shooting either any mobile targets or other targets that fixed cameras cant’ grasp.In this way,it is commonly seen and used in many matches like basketball games,football games and swimming games,especially in these years.

In the 2014 Ryder Cup Golf, 12 meter Andy-jib obtained the appearance chance by the golf match authorities. It ensured the whole process of shooting by its great advantages of stability and operational flexibility. It’s another application of Andy-jib in overseas big activities after 2014 Indian Independence Day celebration,2014 Sinapore National Day Military Parade and 2014 British Horse Racing.

By “Made in HK” brand,Andy-jib has world-wide utilization in overseas TV stations and film production institues with its excellent quality,from ad shooting,large evening parties to wedding parites.Andy-jib also presented greatly in all grand video equipment exhibitions.For example,it  attracted broad attention in 2014 US National TV Committee Expo and 2014 Holland Broadcasting and Video Film Technology Expo.

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