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STvideo on CABSAT 2018 Dubai
STvideo had a good show on CABSAT 2018 Dubai from 14th to 16th January
STvideo on BI 2017 Mumbai
STvideo on BI 2017 Mumbai
STvideo show on BCA 2018 Singapore from June 26 to 28
STvideo show on BCA 2018 Singapore from June 26 to 28
Andy-jib shown in 2014 Ryder Cup Golf
 Camera crane equipments are usually adopted in need of broad scene lens in large size sports games.Camera cranes have the unique advantage of raising up to over 10 meters to finish the task of shooting either any mobile targets or other targets that fixed cameras cant’ grasp.In this way,it is commonly seen and used in many matches like basketball games,football games and swimming games,especially in these years.
Andy-jib was used into shooting the British Racing Festival
Camera cranes are dispensable equipments used in shooting big scenes in both large activities and evening parties to shoot grand and splendid scenes with its long advantage and pushing,pulling,swifting and controlling features for all kinds of complicated lens.
South Korean Pop Festival Concert
Nowadays,camera cranes are commonly applied to either professional or amateur video making and film shooting.In 2014,29th,November 4 sets of Andy-jib camera cranes were used into shooting the 2014 Korean Folk Music Show in Shenzhen Chunchan Gynasium.
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